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Decorative Flower Vase - Boho Circle Style

Decorative Flower Vase - Boho Circle Style

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Product information:

Boho circle decorative flower vase in a contemporary style. This vase is perfect for office, bedroom, kitchen or any modern room or home decor.

The Boho vase can be used as flower stand or table ornaments, shelf decor or dining table centerpieces. 

The overall shape of this Boho ceramic vase is round, like a doughnut, with a hollow design in the middle, which is very distinctive and geometrical and artistic.

This round vase vase is suitable for dried pampas grass, bunny tails, dried flower, bubble candle, palm leaves, cherry blossom, stems, eucalyptus or flower bouquets.

You can either use alone, or with other size and color vases to create beautiful decor in your home.

The Boho circle vase is made of porcelain with a frosted elegant finish. 

The middle part of the donut vase vase is hollowed out, very unique and artistic, not only a vase, but also a work of art.

The Boho flower vase will add charm and beauty to your living space, an ideal gift for friends, family, lovers and a great choice for birthdays.

  • Process: Unglazed
  • Material type: Porcelain
  • Surface technology: frosted
  • Style: simple and modern

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